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Learning on holiday

MY CASA IN CUBA* offers below a selection of rental houses located near cultural, educational institutions or universities where you can attend courses on different subjects. Rentals where the hosts teach in their own house: Spanish, Cuban popular dances, percussion, visual arts or other courses of interest.

Traveling to Cuba is a unique experience that will undoubtedly fill you emotionally, not only with the charm of its beaches, landscapes and colonial cities. You’ll also be able to approach the popular wisdom and idiosyncrasy, their cultural heritage through its customs, crafts, folklore, festivals, cuisine, traditions and language.

Hospitality, joy, warmth and respect are some of the virtues of Cubans. They are generally supportive, very social, loquacious, good-humoured and here almost “everyone dances”. But the inhabitants of this island do not keep their virtues for themselves, they are open to share them with the foreign visitors, either in their schools, on the street, or in the family. Cuba is well known throughout the region for its educational system.