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History + Culture

MY CASA IN CUBA* offers below a selection of rental houses located in cities of significant historical and cultural interest, where important local or national events take place. Many hosts are also experts or enthusiasts about local or national culture and history, willing to share some knowledge with you. Cuba is one of the most culturally rich destinations in the Caribbean.

Cuban cultural roots are mainly due to the fusion of Spanish folk traditions, African and indigenous cultures and other foreign influences, mixing all and giving rise to something new and completely different. A proof of it is the variety of artistic expressions where folk music and dance play an important role, also in the cuisine, clothing, fine arts, architecture and religion. Son, Danzón, Timba, Charanga, Rumba, Guaguancó, Boleros … the list of rhythms and dances that can make you move in Cuba is endless. Religion in Cuba is also particular, in this atheist country there are practicing Catholics who also worship the saints of Afro-Cuban religions.

The Cuban Revolution and Che Guevara’s mark on it, its precedents, places involved, relevant facts, current situation, what the average Cuban thinks about his future is a process that any visitor should notice, irrespective of his interest in politics or not. It is a history that everyone should learn if you really want to approach and understand the reality of the Cuban society today and its future. Cuba has a vast cultural infrastructure, with over 250 museums, about 70 theaters, several art galleries and art schools, in addition to community cultural centers, and music and dance centers in almost all cities.