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Cities + Architecture

MY CASA IN CUBA* offers below a selection of rental houses located in the heritage cities of Cuba, places of social or architectural interest.

Cuba has some of the largest and best-preserved Spanish colonial architecture centers in America. On the island, from east to west, you can see an eclectic variety of colonial, baroque, neo-Gothic, neo-classical, art deco, modern and post-modern architectural styles. Undoubtedly, the historical center of Old Havana is a must-see for its beauty, mix of styles, squares and cathedrals, 900 buildings of historic value, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

But Havana is not the only one that wins the recognition of UNESCO, also the captivating city of Trinidad and the nearby Valley of the Sugar Mills, in Santiago de Cuba, the Castle of San Pedro del Morro, considered the best-preserved XVII-century Spanish military complex in the Caribbean, the historical center of Cienfuegos and Camaguey.

Other urban centers are worth visiting and you can find rental houses there as well.