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MY CASA IN CUBA* offers below a selection of rental houses near the sea or the beach where you can enjoy the coastal environment and the underwater paradise.

Cuba is well-known in the world for its exceptional beaches. It has over 300 natural beaches along 558 km coastline. So, wherever you might be in Cuba there will always be a beach nearby, where you can practice water activities. Above all it is possible almost any time of the year thanks to the nice subtropical weather and the average 330 sunny days in the year.

Cuban beaches are unique for their diverse sand colours and the blue nuances of the crystal clear sea water. In the Cuban insular shelf stand approximately 3.400 km of coral front, the second largest coral reef in the world – also one of the richest and better preserved. Scuba diving lovers can enjoy a wide variety of fish species, shelfish, sponge and sea fans or even explore a shipwreck.