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15/09/2016 by MY CASA IN CUBA*

mycc_betabatch_2What you see here is our BETA-Version

Or in other words: Our website is not yet completely finished. It’s up to date, the structure is set and the content is extended and revised continously. However there are always surprises with a new webpage and it could happen that it doesn’t always work impeccable. There are also still some new areas missing, new functions and parts of the translations. 

Still we publish this BETA-version now because we want to develop this website together with you. And because we value your opinion. For us there is only one way to create an excellent and user-friendly webpage: in cooperation with you people. We ask you for your input. We really want it. And in advance we would like to thank you for your efforts.  

Please send us your suggestions, opinions and critiscism using our contact form or by email:


is on one side an internet platform specialised in offering private accommodation on Cuba for different purposes and budgets and on the other side MY CASA IN CUBA* is capable of bringing together international guests with Cuban hosts, with or without internet connection.

And MY CASA IN CUBA* is as well an expert in drafting appealing and useful offers for tourists travelling on their own, who are looking for authentical encounters with Cuban families.


you are able to find YOUR special accommodation in this important destination in the Caribbean. An accommodation which fulfills your wishes and interests. Whether house, apartment or room, near the beach and the ocean or in the middle of a town, whether to learn Spanish or Salsa dancing, near or in your lodging – everything is possible.

Your whereabouts can be the start for a stroll or a hike through a scenic nature reserve or a historic town, for learning about the history, the culture and the idiosyncrasy of these sympathetic and accommodating people of Cuba or just the spot which gives you a maximum of relaxation.

To fulfil these promises …

and to guarantee that each traveler will find the ideal lodging, which not only suits any style of travelling but also any budget, already now MY CASA IN CUBA* provides nearly 500 variations of private accommodation in the 15 Cuban provinces. All of them have been carefully selected and tested and are (hopefully) organised in practical categories.

We are in permanent contact with the majority of hosts which you meet through MY CASA IN CUBA* and quite often we enjoy a cup of delicious Cuban coffee together or share some wonderful Cuban rum

Most of the hosts …

are our friends, family members, former working colleagues, are friends or family of our friends and have been very close partners for many years. This is how our network started and developed.

Today we are taking advantage of the variety of offers for all kind of visitors, whether tourists or business people. If you have questions or are looking for details which you don’t find on our website please contact us at We are convinced that we are able to find a solution for all your requirements.

See you in Cuba soon!

Your MY CASA IN CUBA*-team